This Week in MTG

RESULTS: Gran Prix Warsaw & Grand Prix Santiago : See how the Standard format has shaped up now that the Standard Metagame is more settled. US Eternal Weekend : Card Titan held the Eternal Weekend in Columbus, take a look at the coverage and and decklists from all of your favourites eternal formats. (Top 32 lists and Top64 lists for the … Continue reading This Week in MTG


Pauper Decks & Metagame

Last time we introduce you to the Pauper format. This time we'll talk a little bit more about the decks you can build. There's a different Pauper deck for almost every play style that exists among Magic players. Let's have a look at some: Mono-Black Devotion As one of the most popular decks, many players come prepared to … Continue reading Pauper Decks & Metagame

Archetypes in Cube

One of the biggest complaint from players plying Cube is that many of the Cube's matches feel like mirror matches, because each deck is just running out generically good cards.  In particular cards that introduced no real constraints or interactions that made decks feel unique. Card Quality vs. Card Synergy At a simplistic level, the source of a Magic … Continue reading Archetypes in Cube

Brews for the Weekend: 5 Color Humans

Early creatures that scale in the late game backed by removal make for a reliable and punishing game plan. Champion of the Parish is what originally put the Humans decks on the map. Champion hits the board on turn 1 and then threatens to become a massive threat that only gets bigger and bigger as the … Continue reading Brews for the Weekend: 5 Color Humans

Deck Guide of the Day: B/G Lands

Lands is one of the most popular archetypes in Legacy. The way it controls the game and eventually wins is a fan favorite. The other deck everybody consistently asks to see is Jund. What about mixing them up? Jund is the king of interaction. Powerful discard spells kick things off, with Thoughtseize and Hymn to Tourach. Making sure you can … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: B/G Lands

Deck Guide of the Day: Jeskai Tempo

Cheap, interactive spells are the best way to gain tempo in Magic. Having those spells be instants is how you get even further ahead in the tempo game. Being able to leave up a few mana to represent so many different options during the opponent’s turn makes a deck extremely hard to battle back against. … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: Jeskai Tempo

Draft Tutor: Pack 1, Pick 1

Hello Everyone, here we go again with some other Pack 1, Pick 1 choices. Remember we will crack a bunch of packs and then briefly comment the pick that, in my humble opinion, is best. PACK NUMBER 1 My Pick: Smuggler’s Copter It is simply the best card in the pack. As long as you have creatures to crew … Continue reading Draft Tutor: Pack 1, Pick 1

Kaladesh Cube Review

It's been a while since Kaladesh release, which means, after some testings, it's time to talk about what it brings for Cube. I'll be doing this review breaking the cards down by the set mechanics and what they can bring for Cube. FABRICATE Angel of Innovation   There aren't many “army in a can” cards in Cube. A lot … Continue reading Kaladesh Cube Review

Cube Card Evaluation: Oona’s Prowler

Hello Everybody today's cube card is Oona's Prowler. The Prowler is a wonderful example of a cube card. It's a 3 power beaters for just two mana, and it also has flying, meaning it’s above the curve. It is low on color commitment and it’s useful in a variety of decks and it’s kind of skill intensive. It’s … Continue reading Cube Card Evaluation: Oona’s Prowler

Deck Guide of the Day: B/R Graveyard

Hello Everybody, in standard, now, the metagame is starting to look fairly established. We have our gauntlet of decks and we know which are the decks to beat. So now it’s time to try to find the little edges. Capable of various shenanigans with Haunted Dead, Scrapheap Scrounger, and Prized Amalgam, the B/R Graveyard decks have seen some … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: B/R Graveyard