Why I Open This Site

Hello Everyone, today we start together a new adventure called MtgBalance. What is MtgBalance? I like to consider it a site where you can find all the things you need, articles, decklists and news wether you are a competitive player, a spike, or a more casual player. We try our best to make this possible covering variuos topics, from constructed to limited and even cube. I had this idea on a grey autumn morning and the best way to fulfill that was  launching a website pushing further my intentions.

To be honest I had no set vision of what MtgBalance was going to be; I just knew I wanted to make a site. As things progressed, I continued to discuss ideas with my friends and we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t currently a great place for people to go when they need a database of deck guides and cards evaluation especially for cube. One of my goals now is that MtgBalance becomes a place where readers can come interact with us, but also a place where anyone with even a basic interest and knowledge in Magic the Gathering can learn all the ins and outs of the game in a friendly but accurated way; I want also that this site becomes a place where anyone can learn how to improve at Magic, and how to get help when they need it.

A one-man site would be great, but after realizing just how extensive and layered my goals were I decided that getting addition content creation help from others would be a huge benefit for the site itself. So we started developing this idea until we came to this final product. We put ourselves at work to design and develope this site to launch it as soon as possible; you can see that some features are still under construction but coming soon!

But wait! There’s more. MtgBalance is not only going to be about analyzing things. I strongly believe a number of readers have great ideas, yet have not had a decent platform to express themselves to the public. I am hoping that in the very near future you will be seeing fresh content from people you may have never heard of. People that are part of the Magic community that have something to say that I believe is worth sharing. Another important aspect of this project is to make your Magic experience more enjoyable and easier.

Of course, as with all things business, there are some financial goals to go along with content production. I’m happy to say that this new site is going to offer a number of items for sale in my store. Part of the initial site development was to create the MtgBalance brand. The process started with the creation of an amazing logo that the brand itself would be built around. Inspired by that we are planning to produce and sell incredible tokens, MtgBalance T-Shirts, and (in my opinion) best yet, the playmats featuring a full art painting. I know that a large number likes shirts and hoodies, among other products, so I felt this was a great opportunity to be able to offer merchandise to the readers while still staying connected to Magic. In the near future we will also starts our branded product line for Tournament Packs. A Tournament Pack will contain:

  • MtgBalance Sleeves (50ct)
  • MtgBalance Lifepad and Pen
  • MtgBalance Deckbox
  • MtgBalance Playmat
  • MtgBalance T-Shirt

Along with the sweet things you will find in the store, we are already working on some breathtaking subscriber only gifts. I really hope that over time our subscriber base will grow to an amazing number of people who will relentlessly support us throughout this adventure. And that’s why I would love to be able to show them my gratitude. The extreme dedication and support is something worth being rewarded so i will do my best to thank you and get your reward, as I appreciate every sub. I will be working to develop multiple levels of rewards that will be used to thank my subscribers for everything they will help me achieve.

FINALLY, I felt like I needed my own home on the internet. Social media and YouTube channel can only go so far. I would like to produce a lot of content, answer a lot of questions, and try to engage with my readers as often as possible, but there just wasn’t an ideal place to pull all of this together until now. Over the course of the next few months me and all MtgBalance people will be able to produce all kind of different related Magic activities and contents and bring them to you via this site. MtgBalance will be the hub of all our activities. Hopefully this answers some of the questions in regards to this site. Big things are on the horizon, and we will say “Hello and Welcome!” to everyone that helps to make it possible.




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