Draft Tutor: Pack 1, Pick 1

Hello Everyone, this is the first article of our Draft Tutor column, which will guide you through some Pack 1, Pick 1 choices. We will crack a bunch of packs and then briefly comment the pick that, in my humble opinion, is best. Remember, the format now is Kaladesh x3.

Let’s start!

Pack Number 1


My Pick: Smuggler’s Copter

This card is a bargain. As long as you have creatures to crew it, the copter will ride you to valuetown. First of all is a 3/3 beater with evasion so it’s not that easy to deal with; second his ability to loot is awesome. The copter will help you find lands when you need them to cast your spells on curve or it will help you digging through your deck to find the spells you need.

Honorable Mention: Bomat Bazaar Barge

It’s the best uncommon of the set i think at the moment, and could certainly be first-pick material. It can always make my deck and it leaves me open to take whatever colors are flowing my way. In this set, artifacts matter even more because there are plenty of cards that get better when you play artifacts or have artifacts on the battlefield.

Pack Number 2


My Pick: Renegade Freighter

This looks like one of the best commons to first-pick. Renegade Freighter is my main choice because it’s an artifact, but it’s one of the better Vehicles, and I would be fine starting my draft with it.

Honorable Mention: Glint-Sleeve Artisan

There is really nothing else in this pack behind the Freighter. Glint-Sleeve Artisan is the only card that stands out for me.

Pack Number 3


My Pick: Chief of the Foundry

It’s another of the few uncommon that are possible first-pick material. It’s 2/3 for 3 which is slightly subpar, but it boost all your other artifacts. Kaladesh is an artifact set, so this card will alway be at his best.

Honorable Mention: Metalwork Colossus

It is not an exciting first pick, but the best of the rest.

Alright, for today Draft Tutor it’s all,

Thanks Everybody for reading


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