Brews for the Weekend: RG Energy

Hello Everyone, today we start a new column that will guide you with a brew choice for all your weekend tournament. This article is about an aggro deck which features the brand new Energy mechanic.

First of all, what this new Energy mechanic do?  Energy is represented with the “energy symbol” {Energy} . As said in the Comprehensive Rules: The energy symbol is {E}. It represents one energy counter. To pay {E}, a player removes one energy counter from himself or herself. Note that it’s you, the player, who gets the counters. For example, if a creature has an ability that gives you some energy counters when it enters the battlefield, you keep those energy counters even if that creature later leaves the battlefield. Energy counters don’t go away as phases or steps end. Energy counters don’t go away as the turn ends. The only way for you to lose them is to spend them. Energy counters that you get from one card can be saved up and spent on abilities of other cards. Most cards that give you energy counters also give you a way to spend them. Development built an Energy Economy so all Energy has equal value.


Ok, onto the deck now!

To make this deck work we need a lot of Energy producer and, most important, a great way to spend the Energy we store. Since we are going to be an aggressive deck we want quick efficients creatures that can beat hard and synergize well with the Energy mechanic.

All of our creatures produce Energy, and all of them have ways to spend it. The 2 drops of choice are: Longtusk CubServant of the Conduit and Voltaic Brawler. The Cub is basically a 3/3 for just 2 mana in the early game, but it also become a great way to produce and store up Energy in the late game. The Servant, on the other hand, is important in many of the ways that Noble Hierarch is in infect. Since our pumps and protection spells are cheap it gives us a way to leverage a turn 4 kill with a comfortable amount of mana to interact. Then we have Voltaic Brawler, man, this guy just beat hard and it’s excellent for what our gameplan is.


Then we have our top-ends, Electrostatic Pummeler and Bristling Hydra. The Pummeler is super in this deck, because, thanks to all our pump spells we can hit for a large amount of damage with him, simply activating his ability. There are times when he can close the game alone if left unchecked. The Hydra is the best card in the deck and it’s not close. The ability to go off on turn 4/5 with Larger Than Life plus Uncaged Fury  with hexproof backup is unreal. It’s so difficult to interact with that, and unless the opponent has maindeck countermagic they are going to struggle to stay alive.


The spells in the deck pumps our creature or generate Energy and clear away blockers.

We have Attune with Aether and Harnessed Lightning and both generate Energy. The first one is a great way to store up the Energy for the game, but also permits us to play with fewer lands and fixes our mana better. The second is super great in an Energy deck to clear the path from any kind of blocker.


The others spells are: Blossoming DefenseBuilt to SmashLarger Than Life and Uncaged Fury. The main goal of these spells is to pump our creatures and deal a lot of damage in few single shots. Note that Blossoming Defense also gives the creatue Hexproof, so it can be used to protect our guy from removals.


The mana base is really straight forward for this deck with a mix of Aether Hub and the Red-Green Duals in the Standard format.


Here’s the decklist:

Creature (18):

2 Longtusk Cub
4 Servant of the Conduit
4 Voltaic Brawler
4 Electrostatic Pummeler
4 Bristling Hydra

Spells (22):

4 Attune with Aether
4 Blossoming Defense
4 Built to Smash
2 Harnessed Lightning
4 Larger Than Life
4 Uncaged Fury

Lands (20):

4 Aether Hub
3 Cinder Glade
7 Forest
3 Game Trail
3 Mountain

Sideboard (15):

4 Galvanic Bombardment
2 Take Down
2 Harnessed Lightning
4 Lathnu Hellion
3 Arlinn Kord

I think most of the deck is self explanatory. The general game plan is to hit your opponent with a giant doublestrike trample hexproof creature or just zoo them out with brawler/hydra beats. Early on in the format people have no idea how to play against this deck so it gets a lot of free wins. Once those stop I still think the deck will be powerful but not busted like it is right now. I think this deck it’s the real deal and you should be prepared to never tap out on turn 4 or else you’ll die. It’s not so unusual to kill people consistently on turn four with this deck.

Thanks Everybody for reading,



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