An Introduction To Pauper

What is Pauper? Pauper is an MTG Constructed format where only cards printed at Common are legal. While this may sound like a weird way to define a format, it’s resulted in a format that’s cheap, diverse, and fun to play.

Let me tell you a little more about Pauper:

The Cards:

There are over 5,100 cards currently legal in Pauper. That’s over three times the card pool size of Standard and about over half as large as Modern. Each new set brings some hundred of new cards into the format. Even in sets containing nothing but reprints, Pauper players sometimes get new cards. This is caused by cards being downshifted in rarity from uncommon (or higher) to common rarity. It has happened for a few cards in the “Masters Sets”, like Modern Masters and Eternal Masters.

The Costs:

Let’s start by saying this, Pauper is a Budget format. Being a non rotating format means that cards remain legal in the format forever unless banned. And so the decks have a much lower turnover rate than in Standard, where you often need to buy expensive cards each time a new set is released to keep your deck relevant in the new meta. There are decks that will fit everyone’s playstile and budget. In Pauper you can build a deck within the 20$-30$ range and be ultra competitive.

In the end Pauper is a fun format with a lot of existing decks to select from as well as a lot of opportunities for brewing new decks. It’s a changing format thanks to each new set additions which can enable some new decks or deck choices.

I’d highly recommend Pauper to anyone who wants a new format to explore.


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