This Week in MTG

ThisWeek: Pro Tour Kaladesh results and stories, Kaladesh Draft with MtG HoF LSV, a description of Modern Combos and much more!


Control Master Shota Yasooka wins Pro Tour Kaladesh : See all the coverage and decklists from the PT!

Spotlight on Content from the Web:

  1. Top Pro Tour Kaladesh Moments : Revive the top moments of the PT
  2. LSV Streams a Kaladesh Draft : Luis Scott-Vargas joined a Magic Online draft and he shares it with us.
  3. More Modern Combos Exposed | by Jennifer Long on : Jennifer shows us some of the combo decks we are likely to see in Modern and, more importantly, she offers some advice on how we can break the combos and take them down.
  4. Kaladesh Art Chat | by Mike Linneman on : Mike chats with four Magic artists to discuss the processes they went through to develop the art for some of our favorite Kaladesh cards.
  5. Top 8 Most Impactful & Underrated Kaladesh Cards | by Adam Yurchick on : Adam offers some insight on eight ubiquitous Kaladesh cards that have already reshaped the Standard metagame, along with eight underutilized cards.
  6. Pro Tour Kaladesh Photo Essay | on : Revive the magic of the Hawaii and the Pro Tour with these beautiful photographs.

Social MTG:

  • Chris Pikula is back on the Hall of Fame Ballot!

  • Willy Edel testing for PT Kaladesh in the Hawaii

  • The Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony before PT Kaladesh

  • Paul Rietzel, Jon Finkel and LSV doing Hula in Hawaii

  • Shota Yasooka Wins Pro Tour Kaladesh in Hawaii

Decks of the Week:

  1. Grixis Control by Shota Yasooka
  2. Blue-Red Spells by Pierre Dagen
  3. Temur Aetherworks by Matt Nass

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