Budget Magic Deck: Temur Summonings

Temur Summonings is essentially a mix of a controlling ramp and combo deck.

Metallurgic Summonings is the card that makes our entire deck work, and many of the other cards in our deck are included to maximize its power. The idea here is that we’ll ramp into Summonings on turn 4, and then for the rest of the game, just about every spell in our deck comes with the kicker of a Construct token. Once we untap with Summonings in play, it becomes really hard to lose the game. Sometimes, we win right away by stringing together Part the Waterveils and Nissa’s Renewals; other times, we play a more controlling game, making blockers at instant speed and filtering through our deck with card draw while eventually winning the game by using the second ability on Summonings, which usually draws us ten or more instants and sorceries from our graveyard! Part the Waterveil and Nissa’s Renewal are absolutely insane in this deck, closing out the game quickly once we get a Summonings on the battlefield by making 6/6 Construct tokens and helping us get back in the game when we are behind.


The ramp in the deck comes in the form of Natural Connection, which  being an instant means it resolves way more often than it should, since our opponent almost never counters it when we play it on their end step, because they are afraid we are going to untap and do something even more devastating. Being able to pressure our opponent’s resources at instant speed is one of the reasons that Temur Summonings is insanely good against any type of control deck. Another ramp spell is Cultivator’s Caravan, which is also a Vehicle that can help the deck closing out the game.


Glimmer of Genius, Cathartic Reunion, and Tormenting Voice help us find our combo pieces and whatever else we may need. The Glimmer has the downside of being expensive, but it also digs four cards deep thanks to the scry and can be used to make a surprise 4/4 blocker. Reunionand Voice, on the other hand, don’t really generate card advantage, but they do a great job of helping us cycle through out deck. Radiant Flames and Harnessed Lightning are this deck’s ways of staying alive against all of the aggressive decks in Standard, permitting to get to the powerful late game this deck has.


The mana base is a delicate balance between ManLands and TangoLands.


Here’s the full decklist:

Spells (36):

4 Cathartic Reunion
4 Harnessed Lightning
2 Tormenting Voice
3 Cultivator’s Caravan
4 Natural Connection
3 Radiant Flames
4 Glimmer of Genius
4 Metallurgic Summonings
4 Nissa’s Renewal
4 Part the Waterveil

Lands (24):

3 Cinder Glade
4 Evolving Wilds
3 Forest
5 Island
1 Lumbering Falls
6 Mountain
2 Wandering Fumarole

Sideboard (15):

2 Lightning Axe
1 Natural State
3 Negate
1 Plummet
2 Revolutionary Rebuff
1 Appetite for the Unnatural
4 Fevered Visions
1 Radiant Flames

The deck is not only very competitive, but it’s amazingly fun to play and super cheap. Give it a shot, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Thanks Everybody for reading,



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