Cube Card Evaluation: Venser Shaper Savant

Hello Everybody, today’s cube card is Venser, Shaper Savant.

Venser is one of blue’s best creatures. Remanding a spell and getting a 2/2 is well worth the 4 mana. But he’s far more than just that. Being able to bounce any permanent too? Good god. That’s so great. Flashing him in mid combat to bounce a threat and kill an attacker is so boss.  It’s simply a very good spell. Venser is broken, it’s an insane creature with insane abilities and the possibilities for value here are enormous.


You can look at Venser, Shaper Savant just as a modal spell like Cryptic Command. It’s a bounce spell, that bounce anything by the way, with a 2/2 body attached. Although he costs a lot for bounce he is instant, thanks to Flash, and hits any target which are two of the most important aspects of bounce spells.Overall he is a great utility card and something you often want when you have reason to want more bodies in your deck. This card often gets less credit than he deserves: Flash is good. It allows it to function as removal in addition to tempo. Being able to bounce any permanent instead of just creatures is good. Being able to have it function as a remand on a stick is good.

Where I can play him?  He is quite playable in most decks with the general exception of combo and tends to fulfil several roles within your deck thus being excellent filler. The four mana is a lot but having flash goes a really long way to solving this, it makes him playable in control and far easier to get lots of value from.

Being both a dork and an effect is always nice too as you get something you want with a bonus something thrown in. Control typically wants the bounce effect but is very greateful for the expendable blocker that comes with it. Generally the bounce effect is used over the Remand style one simply for the reason there are more often targets for it. However, even with its lower usage the Remand option on the bounce makes you feel very safe when you have a Venser up. Bounce is really really good in cube, it is cheap and often effective removal and aids blue greatly in an area it is otherwise weak in. Venser is particularly good in that he is utility bounce that can hit lands as well as other permanent types. This is less abusable than it is on a card like Boomerang as it costs four but it still very powerful with there being man lands all over the place. As he is a dork you can also soft lock people out of the game with cards that blinks him or return him in hand for value.

If you have any other interactions with Venser or ideas to prove him good or simply any feedback and/or questions, just  leave them in the comments.


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