Draft Tutor: Pack 1, Pick 1

Hello Everyone, here we go again with some other Pack 1, Pick 1 choices. Remember we will crack a bunch of packs and then briefly comment the pick that, in my humble opinion, is best.



My Pick: Fairgrounds Warden

This is the best uncommon in the pack, is easy to cast, versatile in various strategies and act as a pseudo removal which are critical in this format.

Honorable Mention: Malfunction

This card is pretty good. It has lots of strenght. First of all, it can target Vehicles, which is huge. It’s also able to tap noncreature artifacts ando also serve as an effective answer to a creature with a tap to activate ability. Overall, it’s a really strong card that should prove to be a good first pick and make it into all of your blue decks.



My Pick: Renegade Freighter

This looks like one of the best commons to first-pick. Renegade Freighter is my main choice because it’s an artifact, but it’s one of the better Vehicles, and I would be fine starting my draft with it.

Honorable Mention: Unlicensed Disintegration

It’s the other best card in the pack. For sure is one of the two best gold cards in the set, but I’d rather not commit to a determinate single color pair this early in the draft.



My Pick: Skyship Stalker

Wow, this card is a 3/3 flying, firebreathing, first strike, haste. The quality of this card is somewhat self-explanatory. Your opponents will be unable to profitably block it, attack into it, or race it. Basically, if Skyship Stalker remains in play, you should be able to win the game with it easily, unless you were already far behind when you played it. Of course, it is vulnerable to removal spells, but we’ll live with that. I would look to be a heavy red deck to maximize the power of this card.

Honorable Mention: Foundry Screecher

There is really nothing else in this pack. I Mention the Screecher because it will push you to one of the most powerful archetypes in Kaladesh limited, Black/White Artifacts with a go wide strategy.

Alright, for today Draft Tutor it’s all,

Thanks Everybody for reading


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