This Week in MTG


Grand Prix Providence & Grand Prix Kuala LumpurSee how the Standard format has shaped up in the first week after the Pro Tour.

European Eternal WeekendBazaar of Moxen held the Eternal Weekend in Paris, take a look at the coverage and decklists from all of your favourites eternal formats.

Top25 PlayersSee the top 25 ranked players in the world.


  1. Enter the Battlefield: “Roanoke” Part 1 & Part 2 | by Nathan Holt & Shawn Kornhauser : Take a trip to Roanoke, Virginia, unassuming home to Pro Tour stars Brad Nelson and Brian Braun-Duin and, of course, the famous Then, follow Brian’s journey to Champion at the 2016 Magic World Championship! 
  2. Revisiting Standard Rotation | by Aaron Forsythe of WotC on : This communication is important. Wizard of the Coast is changing Standard rotation, back to how it used to be. 
  3. Pro Tour Journal | by Kyle Boggemes on : Ever wonder what it’s like to prepare for the Pro Tour? Kyle Boggemes gives you a look behind his preparation for Pro Tour Kaladesh.
  4. LSV’s Pre-PT Notes about the Standard Format | by Luis Scott-Vargas on : Take a look at some notes made in preparation of the Pro Tour by Hall of Famer and Team ChannelFireball and MtG Coverage member Luis Scott-Vargas.
  5. Kaladesh Art Book Previewby Mike Linneman on : Kaladesh has some gorgeous, bright art, and the art book for Kaladesh will be releasing soon. Mike Linnemann shows off two exclusive pages and talks a bit about what the book has in store. Paste had a similar preview of different content for you art aficionados. 
  6. Magic: The Gathering Gameshow – Windmillionaire Live at GP London 2016 | by Windmillionare : Windmillionare Slam takes their Magic-themed game show on the road.



  • Osyp Lebedowicz is back on the Pro Tour

  • Shota Yasooka’s face when playing the final of PT Kaladesh

  • Gaby Spartz’s vlog of Pro Tour Kaladesh

  • Wrapter (Josh Utter-Leyton) in line for his PT registration and for his election into the Hall of Fame in 2017

  • The return of Combo in Standard viewed by Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa


  1. Temur Colossus by Oliver Polak-Rottman
  2. Black/Red Scrapheap by Niederschatten
  3. Jeskai Dynavolt by MrValakut

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