Deck Guide of the Day: U/R Spells

When you talk about a U/R Spells deck in Standard, the first thing that comes to my mind is Fevered VisionsFevered Visions shook the previous PT, Eldritch Moon, surprising everyone. This deck got a 9-1 Standard record at the PT and some impressive results in the Standard GP the following weekend.


The deck evolved through the standard metagame, and now the current versions of U/R Spells don’t even play the enchantment in their sideboards. What changed? Dynavolt Tower is similar to Fevered Visions, only it can shoot down problematic creatures on the battlefield as well. You would love to have the extra cards that the Visions would provide, but you’ve got plenty of card draw already. Now card draw will give you energy, which will fuel your Tower. Visions was symmetrical, so giving your opponents cards was a real issue. This was amplified by Smuggler’s Copter making it easier to discard expensive spells. Tower can answer Smuggler’s Copter and anything looking to crew it.


Galvanic Bombardment and the new Harnessed Lightning do a great job of removing creatures in the early game. They use your mana efficiently by filling in the 1 and 2 spot on your curve, and in conjunction with a Tower, you can kill some of the biggest creatures in Standard with these cheap red spells.


Considering you want to find as many Dynavolt Towers as you can, as they scale well together, you’ll want plenty of card draw and selection. Take Inventory is an all-star. It’s cheap and will provide the advantage in the mid to late game that you need to close the deal. Tormenting Voice combos well by discarding an early copy to get more value late. It can also discard excess land or madness spells for cheap. Anticipate is still the best way to find what you’re looking for. It’s cheap so it can be cast to hit your curve both early and late while also letting you see a good number of cards to find your Towers. Glimmer of Genius can rot in your hand a bit, especially as you try to deal with the problems on the board, but it will let you scry away excess lands or unnecessary spells to see the maximum number of action cards.


Lightning Axe and Fiery Temper combine well together. Axe is just about the cheapest removal you can find, and you can make up the card disadvantage with the tempo gained. It should be easy to stabilize when you’re mowing down creatures with one mana removal spells and gaining energy off Tower.


Void Shatter is the perfect answer to everything you can’t deal with otherwise. It’ll exile some of the tough to deal with creatures, especially useful against decks with Grapple with the PastTorrential Gearhulk showed off how dominant it can be in this new Standard format, and it’s excellent in this deck with plenty of instants to work with. This is the only creature in the deck, so it’s full of spells to bring back, and you only need a single copy if budget is a concern!

Here’s the full deck list:

Creature (1):

1 Torrential Gearhulk

Spells (35):

3 Galvanic Bombardment
4 Lightning Axe
4 Anticipate
4 Harnessed Lightning
4 Take Inventory
3 Tormenting Voice
4 Fiery Temper
3 Void Shatter
4 Dynavolt Tower
2 Glimmer of Genius

Lands (19):

3 Aether Hub
1 Highland Lake
6 Island
6 Mountain
4 Spirebluff Canal
4 Wandering Fumarole

Sideboard (15):

2 Ceremonious Rejection
1 Galvanic Bombardment
2 Negate
4 Thing in the Ice
4 Niblis of Frost
1 Glimmer of Genius
1 Torrential Gearhulk

U/R Spells has changed the way it approaches winning games, utilizing less burn to the face and no Fevered Visions, but is still incredibly powerful. Maybe one day we’ll see Visions and Dynavolt Tower side by side!

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