Budget Magic Deck: Aetherflux Reservoir Storm

Kaladesh has brought to us a “build around me” card which will be the centerpiece of our deck. This card is Aetherflux Reservoir and we’re going to build a Standard “Storm” deck.

The life total progression is as follows: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, etc. Generally, if you start the turn with Aetherflux Reservoir on the battlefield and cast N spells, then you’ll gain N(N+1)/2 life. Crucially, casting 8 spells in 1 turn yields 36 life, which may be enough to win the game if your opponent hasn’t pressured your life total much. Five spells grant 15 life, so if you do that twice in a row or have 2 Reservoir on the battlefield, then that may also be sufficient.


The Reservoir reminds me of the Storm mechanic, and that’s why this deck has this name. Both require a flurry of spells for maximum effectiveness. The difference is that you can’t play Aetherflux Reservoir at the very end of a Storm combo, but on the other hand it can gain life passively on the turns beforehand. Since Storm spells have spawned pretty powerful combo decks over the years, you should at least try to find a similar shell for Aetherflux Reservoir.

The gamplan is to take cheap card draw spells, add a few 0 cost artifacts, and return everything with Paradoxical Outcome.


Turns 1-3: Durdle around, play card selection spells, sculpt your hand and accelerate with Hedron Crawler.
Turn 3-4: Play Aetherflux Reservoir.
Turn 5: 3 Bone Saw, Paradoxical Outcome, 3 Bone Saw, Oath of Nissa. Gain 36 life and deal 50 damage to your opponent. Easy.


Here’s the decklist:

Creature (8):

4 Glint-Nest Crane
3 Hedron Crawler
1 Torrential Gearhulk

Spells (30):

4 Bone Saw
2 Cathar’s Shield
4 Oath of Nissa
2 Terrarion
2 Traverse the Ulvenwald
4 Prophetic Prism
1 Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot
4 Aetherflux Reservoir
4 Paradoxical Outcome
3 Crush of Tentacles

Lands (22):

4 Botanical Sanctum
2 Evolving Wilds
1 Lumbering Falls
7 Forest
5 Island
3 Inventor’s Fair

Thanks to cheap permanents and Paradoxical Outcome, this deck is capable of casting 8 spells in one single turn, which can prove lethal if you have Aetherflux Reservoir on the battlefield.

Thanks for reading,



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