Deck Guide of the Day:W/B Aggro

Today’s deck is an aggro deck, and in my opinion is the best white based aggro deck. I feel that this deck is really well positioned in this metagame and also will be well positioned moving forward.

Toolcraft Exemplar is the best first turn play in the format and this deck can attack with it for three on the second turn more consistently than any other deck in the format. That is one of this deck’s major selling points. We have the greatest number of untapped white sources (18), which is more than Red/White Vehicles since they have to play a bunch of Mountains. We also have lots of ways to have an artifact on the battlefield to turn it on by the second turn as well. Speaking of turning on the Exemplar, Thraben Inspector enters the battlefield and produces a Clue Token, which counts as an artifact for the Exemplar. Our two one drops therefore work very well together. One of our premier openings is first turn Toolcraft Exemplar into second turn Thraben Inspector and another Toolcraft Exemplar. This represents an immediate three points of damage and another seven the following turn. If Always Watching is the third turn play, make that an attack for ten on the third turn! Another premier follow up to a first turn Exemplar is Smuggler’s Copter. This likewise provides the artifact to trigger the Exemplar and will also represent a six point attack the following turn, as long as we have any other creature to play the following turn. We also get to loot away a card in our hand with the Copter. This deck actually has a third premier follow up to a first turn Exemplar, namely Scrapheap Scrounger! The Scrounger triggers the Exemplar immediately and likewise represents an additional three points of power for the following attack. I mulligan pretty aggressively with this deck since it has so many explosive openings, especially when it leads with a first turn Toolcraft Exemplar.


Selfless Spirit will not turn on the Exemplar but is a fine second turn play in the absence of any of the other cards already mentioned. If I have Stitcher’s Graft I’ll often play that and a Shambling Vent on the second turn to turn on the Toolcraft Exemplar, assuming I have something like an Aerial Responder for the third turn. If not, I’ll play the Spirit and then play Stitcher’s Graft the following turn. By attacking with the Spirit, we regain those extra two points of damage missed from not having an artifact on the second turn for the Exemplar, so it’s kind of a wash either way. Stitcher’s Graft provides us with a flying body and protection for our more important threats such as the Responder and the Copter. It can also protect their entire team from Fumigate, Kozilek’s Return, or Radiant Flames. Aerial Responder is one of the most underrated cards in Standard, especially in conjunction with Stitcher’s Graft. It’s so hard for Black/Red decks, Green/White deck, or Red/White decks to race a huge flying lifelinking dwarf and we often have Selfless Spirit to protect it from the first removal spell. Between theSpirit, the Copter and the Responder, we have plenty of flying threats to finish the job that Toolcraft Exemplar started.


Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is our curve topper of choice. Gideon is very good against the midrange and control decks and with this deck, you want a little more help in those matches as opposed to against the aggro decks since you are already pretty good against those.


The removal spells are Declaration in Stone and Stasis Snare. Declaration in Stone is better against Black/Green Delirium decks. Stasis Snare is better against Emrakul, the Promised End and against Smuggler’s Copter.  Both removal spells are great right now. Exiling is especially potent against the Grixis Madness deck. Declaration in Stone taking out multiple copies of Prized Amalgam can provide the necessary tempo to close the door before they can dig deep enough into their libraries for answers to our threats. These removal spells can also hit anything no matter how big, including a giant 8/8 Verdurous Gearhulk or Eldrazi found off Aetherworks Marvel.


Our pump spells of choice are Always Watching and Stitcher’s Graft. The Graft provides an artifact for the Exemplar while also having its drawback negated by the vigilance provided by Always Watching or that naturally occurring on the Responder. It can get our creatures out of range of many of the red or black removal spells of the format. Always Watching also gets our creatures out of range of Liliana, the Last Hope, which is otherwise one of the best cards in the format against our deck. It also helps us win Copter’s battles easily since the +1/+1 bonus keeps their Copter from being able to block and trade with ours and the vigilance keeps theirs from being able to attack into ours. It also pumps our Responders making him big enough to attack into and threaten to block opposing Copters. Three copies is a great number, the best for me, since vigilance is redundant and so we really only want to draw one copy each game.


Here’s the full list:

Creature (19):

4 Thraben Inspector
4 Toolcraft Exemplar
4 Scrapheap Scrounger
4 Selfless Spirit
3 Aerial Responder

Spells (19):

2 Stitcher’s Graft
4 Declaration in Stone
4 Smuggler’s Copter
3 Always Watching
4 Stasis Snare
2 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

Lands (22):

4 Concealed Courtyard
4 Shambling Vent
14 Plains

Sideboard (15):

2 Swamp
2 Blessed Alliance
4 Transgress the Mind
1 Aerial Responder
1 Anguished Unmaking
2 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
3 Archangel Avacyn

I think this deck is pretty good and will be very good positioned in the metagame going forward.

Thanks for reading,



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