Cube Card Evaluation: Oona’s Prowler

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Oona’s Prowler. The Prowler is a wonderful example of a cube card. It’s a 3 power beaters for just two mana, and it also has flying, meaning it’s above the curve. It is low on color commitment and it’s useful in a variety of decks and it’s kind of skill intensive.

oona's prowler.jpg

It’s one of the best creatures in two different decks. In the reanimator deck, serving as a discard outlet for your fatties is simply awesome, it can also block and trade for some bigger creatures, and it can also provides few beats in the game. On the other hand it is also a staple in the B/X aggro deck.  A 3/1 flier for just two mana (1B) is simply absurd, not mentioning that is a wonderful turn 1 play off a moxen. I think it’s one of the more important black 2 drops. Although it’s important to note that your opponent typically discards something around 50% of the time. While -2/-0 for 1 card seems like a fair trade for your opponent against a beatdown deck, you don’t have to forget that a 3/1 black flier has already 1 power more than it should have. The only downside of the Prowler is that it can be easily neutered by an opponent with a full hand and ways to draw extra cards.

All in all I think that it is a 360 cube staple, and also others cube’s sizes, unless you have no aggro or reanimator support.


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