Draft Tutor: Pack 1, Pick 1

Hello Everyone, here we go again with some other Pack 1, Pick 1 choices. Remember we will crack a bunch of packs and then briefly comment the pick that, in my humble opinion, is best.



My Pick: Smuggler’s Copter

It is simply the best card in the pack. As long as you have creatures to crew it, the copter will ride you to valuetown. First of all is a 3/3 beater with evasion so it’s not that easy to deal with; second his ability to loot is awesome. The copter will help you find lands when you need them to cast your spells on curve or it will help you digging through your deck to find the spells you need.

Honorable Mention: Iron League Steed

Is quite good and being colorless certainly help with its versatility. It is the only card that stands out to me behind the copter in this pack.



My Pick: Welding Sparks

A 3 mana instant that deals at least 3 damage to a creature of your choice is a premium card. Of course, the downside is that Welding Sparks can’t target a player. While it’s relevant, in Limited you’re targeting a creature the vast majority of the time. Welding Sparks will likely prove to be one of the best commons in the set.

Honorable Mention: Depala, Pilot Exemplar

Depala is a pretty good card and i will almost always happy to first pick it. The obvious downisde is that she is double colored and she will push you and limit you to this color combination from the start.



My Pick: Aetherstorm Roc

It’s really good even by itself, but if you pair it with blue energy producer in a somhow classic U/W Skies deck it become simply stellar. This is a bomb and it’s a pretty good first pick.

Honorable Mention: Essence Extraction

3  mana for 3 damage is already a reasonable rate, and gaining 3 life makes this card great. I’d expect to first pick this card a lot, as life gain can be crucial in many gains of Limited, and instant removal is also a key component of any great black control deck.

Alright, for today Draft Tutor it’s all,

Thanks Everybody for reading


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