This Week in MTG


Gran Prix Warsaw & Grand Prix Santiago See how the Standard format has shaped up now that the Standard Metagame is more settled.

US Eternal Weekend Card Titan held the Eternal Weekend in Columbus, take a look at the coverage and and decklists from all of your favourites eternal formats. (Top 32 lists and Top64 lists for the Vintage Championships can be found here and here respectively)


  1. Best Moments from GP Warsaw & GP Santiago | by Tobi Henke and Neale Talbot on Revive the best moments from this weekend’s GPs
  2. Kaladesh Re-Review | by Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas on :  With some time to reflect, Marshall and Luis revisit their early impressions of Kaladesh, plus pivot on a number of cards.
  3. Top 10 Cards to Play for Halloween | by Inside The Deck on : With Halloween coming up, why not play something thematic on the spookiest of holidays? 
  4. Commander 2016 Decklists | by Blake Rasmussen  on Discover the new Commanders 2016 Decks.
  5. Eternal Weekend Forever | by Brian DeMars on Read Brian report from the US Eternal Weekend.

  6. An Introduction to Commander | by Adam Styborski on Adam introduce you in a super nice way to the Commander format.


  • Rebecca Guay’s Arts for the Commander 2016 Products

  • A super Draft deck by Andrew Baeckstrom also known as BK. That seems constructed!

  • Steve Argyle having a good time at Lucca Comics & Games in Italy

  • Owen Turtenwald’s Trick or Treat ready for Halloween

  • Thomas Hendriks going undefeated at GP Warsaw but he missed the top8


  1. WU Panharmonicombo by BlakeRasmussen
  2. EmraStill by Joseph Bogaard
  3. Paradoxical Storm by Reid Duke

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