Cube Card Evaluation: Imperial Recruiter

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Imperial Recruiter. Its effect is wholly unique for Red, and helps diversify a very narrow color. It is great fun in cube is that the “power 2 or less” restriction is fundamentally broken.


There’s a literal a ton of targets for this card, and casting it on turn 3 and curving directly into a 4 drop seems like it’s exactly the kind of play that a lot of midrange and control decks want to do. Not mentioning its value in getting utility creatures; it’s fun how all the best creatures have power 2 or less! Furthermore it is a key piece in the Kiki-Twin Combo deck as it can get basically all your combo pieces. You can get the missin piece, an Exarch or a Pestermite or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, or if you have none of the pieces of the combo you can get the Kiki and then copy the Recruiter with its ability to get another trigger and find the missin piece for the combo. In general I found that Recruiter is rarely played in aggro decks  as there are far better 3 drops, but is often included in U/R tempo decks, finding Clone effects, Phantasmal Image anyone?  Value creatures like Mulldrifter and tempo creatures like Man-o’-War. R/G midrange/ramp decks will also include it to find mana dorks, and cards such as Deranged Hermit, Kalonian Hydra and Acidic Slime. In general with equipment, sacrifice effects, blink and other ways to get extra value from a 1/1, it looks like it could be quite the above average performer.

I feel Imperial Recruiter deserves a spot in every Cube, and is a staple down to 360; truly a workhorse of a creature.


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