Modern Power Rankings

After Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth and its share of constructed decks, here there are the top cards of the Modern format.

  • Noble Hierarch

noble-hierarch  Hierarch remains one of the best cards in the format. Nothing showcases the power of 1 drop ramp creatures better than Hierarch in decks like Infect or Abzan. The fact that it’s also a sort of static permanent pump spell makes it a very powerful card in the meta. When you see it you’d better kill it.

  • Cryptic Command

cryptic-command No one expected the resurgence of the Command. Prior to this GP everybody thougt that the days where Command shines were over but instead the decks that were playing it this weekend put up good results and even two of them made the Top8. A modal spel like Cryptic is simply great because you can take advantage of the right modes in any given time.

  • Skred

skred No one saw this coming and that’s probably why  this card won the whole thing in Dallas. We talked about the deck just prior this weekend on this website, thinking that it could have been good positioned in Modern right now. Skred, with 21 Snow Lands, can serve as a removal for small to big creatures and also act like a Fireball to shoot down your opponent.

  • Gitaxian Probe

gitaxian-probe Probe was  one of the most played cards this weekend. The fact that sees play in various deck make it one of the most powerful card in Modern. It’s like you play a 56 cards deck plus a bonus to look at the opponent hand so you know what is going on.  In certain decks, i’m looking at you Death’s Shadow Aggro, the fact that you can cast probe also paying 2 life is super relevant and in general acting as a free cycle spell is what makes Probe this strong.

  • Serum Visions

serum-visions It’s the glue that holds together many of the blue based decks in Modern. The fact that is basically the only one mana good cantrip in the format just says it all. The ability to scry is super relevant and gives you the reach to filter through your deck and find what you need. It’s a staple in every blue based control and midrange deck and also the best cantrip in combo decks like Ad-Nauseam or Storm.

  • Death’s Shadow

deaths-shadow Death’s Shadow Aggro is now a well known deck in Modern but its ability is quite unique. This deck aim to damage yourself very quickly in the first turns of the game, thanks to its painful manabase, and then play a Death’s Shadow and combo the opponent off with Become Immense and Temur Battle Rage. If you’re going to a Modern tournament be prepared to face this card.

  • Golgari Grave-Troll

golgari-grave-troll The troll is the best Dredge card. It helps you Dredge through the deck and also, when facing some graveyard hate, you can simply hard cast it and swing in for the win.

  • Inkmoth Nexus

blinkmoth-nexus A staple on both Infect and Affinity. It does all you want from a card like this. Being one of your win condition in the Infect deck thanks to the fact that it has evasion in the form of flying. In the Affinity deck it’s both a mana source and an alternate evasive win condition thanks to its Infect ability; you can equip it with your Cranial Plating and shot your opponent down in just one swing.


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