Cube Card Evaluation: Eternal Witness

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Eternal Witness. While other colors can return Sorceries, Instants, or Creatures to hand, Green is the only color that can bring back any card from the graveyard, regardless of type. The card’s ability to recur powerful spells, while still being a 2/1 creature, remains a Cube staple to this day.


Witness is a Regrowth with legs. Regrowth costing just two mana can be powerful, but pales compared to its creature counterparts. In fact Regrowth, is a 1 for 1, essentially trading the card for one in the graveyard. But when the ability is attached to a body, the card suddenly becomes much more better. For one additional Green mana, the player has access to a 2/1 body that can attack and block, and hold equipment. It also can be abused with blink effects and graveyard recursion. Almost any green deck wants Eternal Witness and seeing it passed in the draft is a strong signal that green is open. As said befor, recursion is much more powerful when it comes on the back of a guy that can trade or do other stuff and it starts to become very appealing and abusable. If I had to find drawbacks with this awsome little lass the first that springs to mind is her lack of use early in the game and consequently weaker in opening hands.

While returning something from your graveyard is pure card advantage, this ability is only as strong as the cards being brought back, but in a format like Cube, the choices are as numerous as they are powerful. Anyway if you’re playing green you probably want a copy of Eternal Witness in you deck.

For me Eternal Witness is one of the few true Cube staples, and I would include her in any list at any size.


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