How To Store Your Cube

The first thing anyone will see of your cube is the box you bring it in. Your cube costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, so why would you not want a good house for it?* If you’re looking to make a cube for the first time, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current cube’s storage, this guide will hopefully help you understand some of your options.

*Possibly you don’t want to call attention to it, in case it could get stolen.

General considerations

How much do I want to spend?

This is the first thing you want to consider. Everyone would love a custom case perfectly fitted to their cube that shuffles your cube for you and makes drinks, but unfortunately these features cost money.

I’ve separated the options into low cost (<$10), medium cost ($10-$60), and high cost (>$60) options. If this is your first cube, it may be worth your while to start with a low-cost option and upgrade once you know what you want.

Will my cube size change?

If you have a 360 cube, you may decide to expand it to a 450 in a few months. If you have a 720 now, you may decide to reduce it later. It’s easier to move down sizes than up, so be careful buying a custom box sized exactly to your cube. You may change your mind later.

If you single sleeve your cards now, then double sleeve them later, this will increase the size of your cube. So even if you keep the same number of cards in your cube, it could end up too large for your current box.

Even if your cards are double sleeved and you vow to never change the size of your cube, you may want to add accessories such as dice, life trackers, or a GPS locator. Before you spend a lot of money on your storage, make sure your cube won’t be cramped.

How will I transport my cube?

If you plan to carry the cube by itself, look into options with handles, or plan to add one yourself. If you carry your cube in a backpack, make sure that it will fit in the backpack without sticking out.

Also, consider how much it will weigh. You probably won’t want to carry a heavy custom-made wooden box around all weekend if you go to a major event. Some cube owners have both a fancy box at home and a plain cardboard box that they take to events.

While looking at options, try to imagine how it would work for you and your play group. A companion cube cube may be great if you always have people over to your house, but may not be ideal if you travel with it often.

Let’s start analyzing the options!

Low-cost options (<$10) :

Plain cardboard box (~$0.50)

Empty box, One Row

Empty box, Three Rows

Empty box, Four Rows

These are very cheap, and a great first choice for storage. Your local game store will have them for cheap, if you don’t have them already.

If you have some artistic ability (or know someone who does), you can draw on the sides. If you don’t, you can print paper and paste it on the side.

Holiday gift box (~$20 for the whole box, much less for the empty box)

Todo: Find out how much the box alone costs

Wizards Gift Box

Example cube

A great excuse to buy yourself a gift box! Or if you aren’t into that, you can just buy the box itself. If you ask around, someone you know may have one.

Empty boxes from previous years, or old Beatdown box sets may be a practical option as well.

Medium-cost options ($10-$60) :

Hobby Lobby Artist Case $25, but there is often a coupon or sale on

Link to buy

Example cube

This deserves a specific mention due to the low cost and high degree of customization available. An artistic friend or access to a laser engraver could turn this into a low budget custom case.

Wine Bottle Box

Plain wooden box

Treasure box from Bed Bath & Beyond $16.99

Example cube

Custom triple wine box

This is a very nice looking option that’s inexpensive. Sellers on Etsy can make custom engraved wine boxes, if you want a little bit of customization.

Word of warning: Not all wine bottle boxes will be large enough to fit cards in. Check the dimensions if you’re ordering online, or bring some sleeved cards with you to try it out if you buy in store. (Todo: Find out what minimum dimensions are required)


Link to Buy on Amazon

Example 1

Example 2

This is discrete, sleek, and easy to carry by itself. A plain aluminum case is not as flashy as a custom engraved or painted exterior, but it has a level of professionalism that other forms of transportation just don’t have.

Review of this case and the Cube Vault

Plastic card box

Amazon link to KMC Card Barrier Box $17



Not a glamorous option, but certainly practical. The divisions can’t be changed, which limits how you can use it. If you have one already it’s a good option, but there are better options at this price.

High-cost options (>$60) :

Made For Cube Options

These are off the shelf options. They are specifically made to store cubes, but some offer little customization.

Wizardry Foundry Grimoire $75


See here for a discussion with Wizardry Foundry

Ultra-Pro MOX CUB3 $90

Cube Vault $135+

Rreview of the Cube Vault and the Aluminum Briefcase

If you want to see a detailed review of products on this list, watch this video by The Professor at Tolarian Community College and read the discussion here.

Custom-built Storage :

There are many Etsy stores available that will make custom boxes, as well as other sources that make custom woodwork. I have included links to a few sellers, to show what options are available.

With a custom option, you can build exactly the cube storage that you want, but you must get everything right up front.

Stores Offering Customized Storage

Fox and Dragon

MTG Custom Deck Boxes

Designcraft Industries

Cool Custom Cubes

Example 1

Example 2

If You want some Cool Custom MtgBalance Dividers for your Cube look no further than here! In order you will have:

  • A Divider for White Cards
  • A Divider for Blue Cards
  • A Divider for Black Cards
  • A Divider for Red Cards
  • A Divider for Green Cards
  • A Divider for Artifact Cards
  • A Divider for Colorless Cards
  • A Divider for Multicolor/Gold Cards
  • A Divider for Land Cards
  • A Divider for Token Cards
  • A Divider for Basic Land Cards


Tip: Print them just as they are. They are already in the perfect Magic Card Size.

MtgBalance Free Cube Dividers


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