This Week in MTG


GrandPrix Rotterdam Check out the coverage of the Team Limited GP and learn the staples of a Team tournament.


  1. Best Moments from GP Rotterdam | by Tobi Henke on Revive the best moments from this weekend’s GP.
  2. Out of the Box: Commander 2016 Gameplay | by Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai on The Command Zone Craig Blanchette and Josh Kim join Jimmy and Josh to try out the new Commander (2016 Edition) decks. This video is awesome and fun, just like Commander 2016 Edition.
  3. The Official Basic Lands Power Rankings | by Luis Scott-Vargas on Any self-respecting player knows that the lands you draw power from are paramount. LSV shows you how to do it with style and grace.

  4. Commander 2016 Review | by Sheldon Menery on Sheldon Menery has spoken, and offered up his review of all, yes all, of the new cards found in Commander 2016 Edition.
  5. My Kaladesh Limited Guide | by Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa on : Kaladesh is a format that encourages wildly different opinions among the game’s top pros. See Paulo’s take on the Draft environment!
  6. The Cheating Isn’t the Only Problem | by Brian DeMars on This one caused a bit of a discussion over the weekend, as players weighed so called “witch hunts” for on camera mistakes/cheating against keeping the game clean and fair for all. This isn’t the first time this topic has come up, and I doubt it will be the last.


  • Cassius Marsh the defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks had his collection stolen, and receive this gift from Wizard of the Coast

  • LSV trolling Marhall and Huey casting for the laughter of people watching coverage

  • Frank Karsten and his Teammates Brent Vos and Bas Melis made the final of GP Rotterdam

  • The Big Man William “Huey” Jensen

  • After LSV timed out on his stream, EFro had come up with a nice idea


  1. Blitzkrieg (BR Control) by Pete Casella
  2. W/U Reservoir by SPottenger
  3. Lantern Control by Avignon

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