This Week in MTG


The World Magic Cup In a year featuring multiple powerhouse teams and returning champions, and in a Top 8 that highlighted the returning returning winners, it was the story of redemption that reigned supreme as Team Greece’s time finally came.


  1. Best Moments from the WMC | on Revive the best moments from the World Magic Cup
  2. Pro Tour Team Series Soft Launch | by Mike Rosenberg on Mike Rosenberg finalizes the rules for the Team Series at the Pro Tour: “The soft launch will last through three Pro Tours, and the Top 2 finishing teams at the end of the 2016–17 season will be invited to compete in the Pro Tour Team Series Final held at the 2017Magic: The Gathering World Championship October 5–8, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, for their share of a prize pool totaling just over $50,000”. Details about the structure of the team series here.
  3. Commander 2016 Art Review | by Mike Linnemann on : Of course he talks about the basic lands, but Linnemann goes eight steps further. He actually interviews Rebeca Guay about coming back to Magic and the lands she produced, talks Kev Walker Cube, and then launches into reviews of some gorgeous Commander (2016 Edition) art. 
  4. How to play Magic Online on a Budget | by Shane Garvey on Getting into Magic Online isn’t easy, it’s almost like having a second collection. But there are some tricks to break in. Shane Garvey discusses how to play Magic Online on the cheap, along with some good general tips about Magic Online that everyone should know.
  5. Listener Question Answered | by Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas on Marshall and Luis might be in Rotterdam for the World Magic Cup, but that didn’t stop them from answering your questions. Or from stroopwafel. Especially from stroopwafel.
  6. Life After Drake (Pauper) | by Alex Ullman on Pauper was hit by a strangely-timed emergency ban on Peregrine Drake. Alex Ullman covers how the change will affect the format, and a huge range of decks: Affinity, Mono Black Control, Jeskai Midrange, Stompy, Delver, Tron, and more.


  • LSV offers a Tale in two Picture



  • Shuhei Nakamura has hit the mind-blowing 100000 PWP Milestone!






  • This is the latest Judge Promo, previewed for judges at the Regional Coordinator conference


  • Timothéè Simonot designed the Twisted Color Pie Cube and you can play it on MTGO. You can really do wild and awesome things.




  • We’ve all been there






  1. Dredge by Bill Chronopoulos
  2. Abzan by Petros Tziotis
  3. Infect by Panagiotis Papadopoulos

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