Cube Card Evaluation: Baleful Strix

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Baleful Strix. As with so many gold combinations there seems to be one card that stands head and shoulders above the rest in power level. Baleful Strix is a fairly innocuous card that simply put is far too good.

Baleful Strix

The Strix is the best of all the speed bump style cards out there, it is so good it is played in most agro decks that support the colours. It can block and trade with most creatures in the cube, costs only two mana and replaces itself. There are a lot of cards in the cube that do little more than draw a card for two mana and then there is this. Being an artifact is also a great advantage as it gives you synergy for your other cards without filling a spot with a useless card.

It is really hard for you opponent to kill the Strix without you getting a better deal in the exchange. For example, if it gets Disenchanted it’s fine for you, because you are a card up than your opponent, have mana parity with him and he no longer have the Disenchant to kill other stuff. What a deal. This is broken.

This card is an autoinclude in every Dimir sections of every Cube of every size. Baleful Strix is simply the best Dimir card.


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