Brews for the Weekend: U/B Metallurgic Summonings

Throughout the United States, today is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is a day for deals and savings as people shop for discounts until they drop. Trying to find an off the beaten path deck that has put up any amount of success and features heavy black was no easy task, but I think I found the perfect deck for fun with some discounted creatures.

Metallurgic Summonings has not made a big splash in the competitive scene, but value is value. This enchantment turns all your spells into creatures and valuable weapons. Once you’ve depleted your hand of all your spells, you always have the option to cash in the Summonings itself to get them all back. If that’s not enough to win the game, nothing will!


Part the Waterveil is the dream spell to cast after Summonings. A 6/6 creature and an additional turn should put your opponent on the back foot quickly, and chaining them together is game ending. This is all before factoring in the late game when Part the Waterveil can be cast with Awaken. At that point, your board will be flooded with creatures and you’re going to run away with the game.


This is a similar strategy to the Mono Blue Prison deck from the previous Standard format. Although many of those weapons have rotated out, you can simply go heavier into black to make sure you have enough removal to last until the late game. Grasp of Darkness is a nice, efficient way to keep your life total high. Essence Extraction will take out a creature and make sure your life total is even higher. Murder can take down any threatening creature, and Ruinous Path can help with planeswalkers. And then there’s Grip of Desolation for when you really want to make sure your opponent knows who’s boss (and you get a 6/6 with Summonings).


In any Summonings deck, you’re going to want to make sure you’re digging to find the part of your deck you’re interested in. Sometimes that’s lands, other times it’s Summonings, and often you’re looking to Part the Waterveil. For that you have Anticipate and  Glimmer of GeniusAnticipate is the way to get deeper early. Seeing 3 cards for only 2 mana when you’re trying to find something specific is a solid rate. Glimmer of Genius will make sure you’re getting good value. You can see as many as 4 cards if needed, and you’re getting actual card advantage in the exchange. With an Anticipate and a Glimmer on the draw, you’re going to get to look at up to 19 cards by turn 5 when you would want to cast your Metallurgic Summonings (7 opening hand, 5 draw steps, 3 with Anticipate, 4 with Glimmer).


Void Shatter is just the best way to make sure opponents aren’t doing things to really mess you up. This is a useful tool to deal with powerful creatures and planeswalkers, such as Gideon, which could otherwise threaten to end the game quickly.


The only creature in the deck is Torrential Gearhulk. The Gearhulk is an all star in a deck with lots of card draw, card selection, countermagic, and removal spells ranging in power from Grasp of Darkness to Grip of Desolation.

Here’s the full list:

Creature (3):

3 Torrential Gearhulk

Spells (31):

4 Anticipate
2 Essence Extraction
4 Glimmer of Genius
4 Grasp of Darkness
1 Grip of Desolation
4 Part the Waterveil
2 Ruinous Path
4 Void Shatter
4 Metallurgic Summonings
2 Murder

Lands (26):

4 Submerged Boneyard
4 Sunken Hollow
8 Island
10 Swamp

Sideboard (15):

2 Disperse
3 Engulf the Shore
1 Essence Extraction
2 Lost Legacy
2 Negate
1 Ruinous Path
1 Summary Dismissal
2 Transgress the Mind
1 Murder

U/B Summonings may not be the most competitive deck in the world, at least not today, but this is a pretty nice shell for doing cool things that are definitely powerful!

Thanks Everybody for reading,



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