This Week in MTG


Grand Prix Chiba : Take a look at the Legacy Metagame and the decks that dominate the format.


  1. Best Moments from GP Chiba | by Chapman Sim on Revive the best moments from the Chiba Legacy Grand Prix.
  2. Episode 200: The Musical Episode #2 | by Meghan Wolff and Maria Bartholdi on Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more Magic-themed musical productions? I haven’t either, but Maria and Meghan are ready to solve the problem before we realize it exists. Enjoy the 200th episode through song and celebration!
  3. Picking a Winner | by Paul Mastriano on Take a broad look at the current Vintage metagame with Paul Mastriano’s review of the North American Vintage Championship and the best decks from it, including the winning Landstill list, Toughtcast-Gush Mentor, Stax, and Salvagers Oath.
  4. Reporting From Rotterdam | by Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa on : Paulo teamed up with Ondrej Strasky and Shahar Shenhar to battle all the way to the Top 4 of Grand Prix Rotterdam. He shares a few of his favorite stories from the event. 
  5. Standard Primer | by Andrew Jessup on With Team Unified Modern at the World Magic Cup and a couple of Modern GPs, Standard hasn’t been getting much airtime lately. Andrew Jessup gives you a complete intro to the metagame as it stands so you can be ready to dive back in.
  6. Dredging at the World Magic Cup | by Raphale Levy on Raph is probably the most experienced Modern Dredge player in the world, and he piloted the deck to success at the World Magic Cup. Read on for Raph’s latest developments for the deck and report from the WMC with Team France.


  • Team Canada not taking in consideration the Basic Land Power Rankings



  • Your Expression after seeing the results of SCG Knoxville






  • Owen comments on Team USA performance at the WMC


  • Team Mexico is ready to battle at the WMC




  • Matt Nass’s biggest fan






  1. Sneak and Show by Kentaro Yamamoto
  2. Dragon Stompy by Alex Han
  3. Miracles by Yuuya Watanabe

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