Cube Card Evaluation: Olivia Voldaren

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Olivia Voldaren. This is one of those cards that you really struggle to lose with if you get to untap with her in play.

Olivia Voldaren

This is a card with effects and power that you expect to find on expensive legends, however Olivia costs only four mana, putting her into a very much different category of card. She has no drawbacks at all and is a perfectly reasonable body for the mana cost should you never be able to invest mana into her abilities.

All this on a card that, thanks to signets and mana ramp, is often in play by turn three and will give you vast control over the board. Kill their small things, steal their big things, attack their planeswalkers to death all the while growing into a bigger scarier harder to kill threat.

All in all I think that she is a staple in every size’s Cubes. This card is simply too powerful and so an autoinclude in your Rakdos section of the Cube.


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