Happy Holidays

Here at MtgBalance we want to thank you for your support to the site and wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! From today, December 21, untill January 9, we're taking a breath to enjoy this holiday time with our families and friends. With the new year we try our best to keep providing the … Continue reading Happy Holidays


Budget Magic Deck: Jeskai Flyers

The idea of Jeskai Flying Men is pretty simple. Most importantly, many of the decks in Modern are fighting exclusively on the ground, so they have a really hard time dealing with a deck that is overloaded with aggressive fliers. Even better, many of our fliers are naturally disruptive, allowing us to counter a spell … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: Jeskai Flyers

Deck Guide of the Day: Frontier Elves Combo

The Elves tend to find success in any format where there’s enough of them to make an impact. One of Magic’s most powerful tribes from the onset, Elves is a legitimate deck in both Legacy and Modern. Frontier is no exception. Like any Elves deck, it starts with the mana creatures. Elvish Mystic and Servant … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: Frontier Elves Combo

An Introduction to Frontier

This article will guide you in the world of Frontier a newly born Magic the Gathering format. What is Frontier? The original format "Frontier" is a constructed format, grouped with cards from the Magic 2015 Core Set and after. Special sets such as Commander 2015 EditionEternal Masters and Conspiracy: Take the Crown are not included). As of October 2016, the … Continue reading An Introduction to Frontier

Deck Guide of the Day: Temur Energy Aggro

The Player’s Championship was dominated by Temur Energy aggressive decks, but Standard wasn’t that prominent of a player. Winning a few matches does not a dominant deck make. It does, however, help highlight what the deck is capable of. All of the energy creatures we have in Standard come out of Kaladesh. This is a … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: Temur Energy Aggro

This Week in MTG

No Premier Events were held this weekend, and with Christmas coming we give this column a very Christmas flavor. SPOTLIGHT ON CONTENT FROM THE WEB: Craig Wescoe’s White (Weenie Christmas) | by Magic the Amateuring and T1 Glistener Elf on MagicTheAmateuring.com : A very very funny Christmas Song for Craig Wescoe.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-WrJl1AVqg  Channel LSV: Holiday Cube Draft | by Luis Scott-Vargas on ChannelFireball.com : Oh … Continue reading This Week in MTG

Brews for the Weekend: Paradoxical Colossus

Paradoxical Outcome has given rise to some incredible Vintage decks, like Paradoxical Storm or Paradoxical Mentor. Whenever a card has an impact on the most broken of formats, we should explore what else it can do. The major reason for Paradoxical Outcome's success in Eternal formats is that the cheap artifacts create an incredible combo. Outcome may cost 4 mana, … Continue reading Brews for the Weekend: Paradoxical Colossus

Deck Guide of the Day: U/R Thopters

If you enjoy fun, Whirler Virtuoso is the card you pick early in Kaladesh Draft. There are tons of synergies and combos to get extra energy, or that can use the Thopters to facilitate creating more Thopters. Whirler Virtuoso has seen a fair amount of play in Standard. In energy midrange to aggro decks, it’s a good sink … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: U/R Thopters

Deck Guide of the Day: 5 Color Superfriends

Planeswalkers are powerful. They often take over the game, and always require an answer. There are decks in the format that can't deal with them, so a deck with 17 of these bad boys and girls is intriguing. Oath of Nissa is the only 4 of in this list. With 17 planeswalkers in the deck, … Continue reading Deck Guide of the Day: 5 Color Superfriends

Cube Card Evaluation: Huntmaster of the Fells

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Huntmaster of the Fells, a card jam packed full of power. Although the Huntmaster is super powerful, it doesn't fit all that well into many decks. He lacks any real direction which is a big part of why many decks don't really want him however as he does a bit of almost everything … Continue reading Cube Card Evaluation: Huntmaster of the Fells