This Week in MTG


Grand Prix Denver & Grand Prix Madrid  : Take a look at the new Standard Metagame, the decks that dominate the format and some brews that put up quite big results.


  1. Best Moments from GP Denver & GP Madrid | by Event Coverage Staff and Tobi Henke on Revive the best moments from this weekend’s GPs
  2. Building the Japanese Community with Hareruya | by Chapman Sim on Hareruya does community support and promotion right, and Sim outlined just how the Japanese store and tournament organizer made Grand Prix Chiba an event to remember.
  3. Top Ten Vehicles/Equipment we need printed | by Abe Sargent on Sargent knows his lore, and he’s diving deep into Magic’s lore for a number of Vehicles and Equipment that play prominent story roles, but never made it to a card either because they predate the subtypes or because, well, just because. Skyship Victory anyone? The Mask of Night’s Reach? The freakin’ Soul Bomb? Dakkon’s Blackblade?! If you know what these are, then you get Sargent’s excitement over the thought of having them created.
  4. Jaberwocki on Twitch | by Logan Nettles on Want to learn a little more about G/R Marvel? You can watch master of the deck Jaberwocki (Logan Nettles) break down R/G Aetherworks card by card on Twitch.
  5. Standard Showdown Booster Opening | by Saffron Olive on Saffron Olive cracks some Standard Showdown prize packs to see what the experience is like. Hint: watch till the very end.
  6. LSV plays U/R Bedlam-Pyro | by Luis Scott-Vargas on Who needs Delver? Not LSV. This U/R deck is packed with sweet value creatures and spells!


  • Jelger Wiegersma waiting for someone to battle on MTGO

  • A nice little puzzle by Yuuta Takahashi

  • Tomoharu Saito found Chikara Nakajima, his Hareruya Teammate, face’s on the Google Doodle

  • Zac Elsik comments on the new Standard Format

  • Marshall loaned a shirt to Shahar Shenhar, he gave him it back like this


  1. Aetherworks Marvel by Carmine D’aniello
  2. W/U Panharmonicon by Seth Manfield
  3. U/R Zombie-Emerge by Andrew Wolbers

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