This Week in MTG


Grand Prix Milwaukee The Grand Prix this weekend was more than just another tournament, it was the final bow of triple Kaladesh before the release of Aether Revolt. It also marked the end of events for 2016, and it brought out the best of what the community has shown this year.


  1. Best Moments from GP Milwaukee | by Corbin Hosler on Revive the best moments from the Milwaukee Grand Prix.
  2. The Super Staples of Commander | by Bruce Richard on The best of the best. The cream of the crop. The tools that make the Commander world go round. Richard has them all.
  3. Panharmonicon Videos | by Seth Manfield and Pascal Maynard on and on  : Seth Manfield, who made the Top 8 of Grand Prix Denver with the deck, has a video and sideboarding talk. Pascal Maynard, who finished in the Top 64 with the deck, also has gameplay videos and a discussion of the deck.
  4. Mirror Interviews | by Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas on Marshall, meet Luis. Luis, meet Marshall. Now interview one another. Such is the premise of this week’s episode. For some reason I have the whole thing pictured like a Wes Anderson movie, complete with awkwardly standing across from one another, a set that looks like it’s made out of cardboard, and both men wearing bright colors.
  5. Puzzling Improvements | by Pierre Dagen on Dagen thinks the way to be a great Magic player is to solve puzzles, and he talks about how to do just that.

  6. Friday Nights: “Brewmaster Showdown” | by LoadingReadyRun on Come on down to Cam’s U-Brew Standard Warehouse as the gang shows up for the Standard Showdown. Just don’t try to give them any holiday gifts.


  • Tim Aten, an old-school Magic Pro and former Wizards of the Coast employee who is now the reigning (six game) champion on Jeopardy!

  • 6 years old Dana Fischer here at GP Denver in her second Grand Prix … so far! “She just loves it!” her father says.

  • Shuhei Nakamura statement about his mistake

  • Eric Froelich’s wedding happened this weekend in Vegas

  • Corey Burkhart made the Top 8 of GP Milwaukee on tiebreakers, his reaction is amazing


  1. 5 Color Bring to Light by jmanner
  2. U/R Spells by SPottenger
  3. W/G Company by SpiderSpace

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