Cube Card Evaluation: Huntmaster of the Fells

Hello Everybody today’s cube card is Huntmaster of the Fells, a card jam packed full of power.

Huntmaster of the FellsRavager of the Fells

Although the Huntmaster is super powerful, it doesn’t fit all that well into many decks. He lacks any real direction which is a big part of why many decks don’t really want him however as he does a bit of almost everything and is such a high power card you do find yourself playing him more often than you actually think. Huntmaster is (un)surprisingly amazing in R/G aggro decks and in more midrange decks that can durdle with all this value.

Huntmaster is a great card and opens up some very interesting lines of play that RG doesn’t usually get.It is the only werewolf printed that actually rewards you for maximizing the mechanic and punishes your opponent for fighting against it. The biggest problem with him is that has a very high variance and none of his tricks matter if he’s quickly removed, though if he isn’t I’ve seen him put in more work than a single 4 drop creature has been doing, without even needing to attack.

I think I would play him in every cube. Even at 360 I do think that Huntmaster is really powerful.


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