This Week in MTG

No Premier Events were held this weekend, and with Christmas coming we give this column a very Christmas flavor.


  1. Craig Wescoe’s White (Weenie Christmas) | by Magic the Amateuring and T1 Glistener Elf on A very very funny Christmas Song for Craig Wescoe. 
  2. Channel LSV: Holiday Cube Draft | by Luis Scott-Vargas on Oh happy day, Vintage Cube is back! (It used to be called the Holiday Cube.) If there’s anyone you want to watch draft the most powerful of Magic Online cubes, it’s LSV. Enjoy each and every pun, self-depreciating comment, and broken interaction.
  3. Captain’s Log: Take Notes | by Conley Woods on It’s the little things that count, and Woods recounts how you can count on the little things being difficult to track and improve on in Magic. But those little things add up in a big way, and it’s no small feat to see a large improvement in your game over a short amount of time just by taking a big interest in the most minute details.
  4. Controlling Modern | by Emanuel Sutor on Control in Modern is a tough sell, but Sutor thinks he might have an answer to that particular quandry—Bant. It might not be what you think of when you think of control in Modern, but it might be the hero Modern needs.
  5. Paul Cheon GP Denver Vlog | by Paul Cheon on Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pro player on the GP grind? Paul Cheon’s vlogs are the best way to get a glimpse.
  6. The History of Grizzly Bears |by Marshall Sutcliffe, Timothy Sinclair, Robert Burrows, and Richard Castle on This video is something out of the History Channel meets Magic, and it’s amazing. It’s a touch introductory at the start if you’re already well-versed in Grizzly Bears, but even then it’s so well produced and it goes through so much Magic history that it’s got a bit for everyone. Watch and enjoy the soothing narration of Marshall Sutcliffe and the parade of two-drop 2/2s.


  • It’s Holiday Time!


  • Owen Turtenwald’s Keep or Mulligan: Vintage Cube Edition



  • PV just drafted White Weenie in Cube and he’s asking himself why











  • Oath of Ajani Preview’s reaction




  • Tom Ross is ready to  battle in the Player Championship held by StarCityGames







  1. 5 Color Superfriends by MtgBalance
  2. Paradoxical Colossus by MtgBalance
  3. Red Aggro by sanukiudon

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