This Week in MTG


Grand Prix Louisville : Take a look at the Legacy Metagame and the decks that dominate the format.

Super Sunday Series Championship For those that were unable to make it through to Day Two of 2016’s Grand Prix, players had a shot at a second event with a sweet prize on the line. That event was the Super Sunday Series, which awarded winners of the event a flight and accommodations to Wizards of the Coast Headquarters in Renton, Washington to compete in a special invitation-only tournament with a $20,000 prize pool. Check out who won!


  1. Best Moments from GP Louisville | by Corbin Hosler on Revive the best moments from the Louisville Grand Prix.
  2. My 2016 Year in Review | by Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa on PV takes a look back at the events and decks he played and the trips he made in 2016.
  3. The Brew Frontier | by Joel Larsson on Joel Larsson came through with not one but two new brews for the new Frontier format.
  4. Full Aether Revolt Spoilers : Check out the complete card image gallery.
  5. LoadingReadyRun Pre-Prerelease | by LoadingReadyRun on The LoadingReadyRun crew has a bunch of community members, plus Trick Jarrett, up in Victoria building and playing with Aether Revolt
  6. Aether Revolt’s Fatal Push Will Radically Change Constructed | by Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa on : This card is pretty good, and PV tells us whatit means for Modern.The big question is: “Will this card be good enough to change how we think of Jund and Abzan?”


  • The Ornithopter’s danger

  • An emotional interview with William Jensen by the MtACast

  • Reactions to the spoiler of Fatal Push (Part 1)

  • Reactions to the spoiler of Fatal Push (Part 2)

  • Vintage Cube has come and gone like the Holidays but everyone want it back (also we would like to get back Holydays themselves)


  1. True-Name Nemesis Sultai by Reid Duke
  2. B/R Reanimator by Andrew Sullano
  3. Miracles by Brian Braun-Duin

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