This Week in MTG

No Premier Events were held this weekend.


  1. Aether Revolt Through a Modern Lens | by Jennifer Long on : While  much of the talk over this coming week will be about Standard, Long has some ideas aboutAether Revolt’s impact on Modern.
  2. Aether Revolt Limited Primer: What We Learned from the Pre-Prerelease |by Adam Styborsk on Styborski applies all of the lessons of the LoadingReadyRun Pre-Prerelease in a strong article all about playing at your own Prerelease. It even includes a handy-dandy instant-speed tricks list so you can expect the unexpected when you play this weekend.
  3. Draftaholics Anonymous | by Draftaholics Anonymous on The P1P1 feature on this site is really cool. On it, you’re given the option of two cards with the scenario “Which would you take with the first pick in the draft if you had to choose between the two?” The site then shows in real time where the card ranks among all Aether Revolt cards based on how people have picked. The website itself has a number of other features that are also worth checking out, but the P1P1 feature is cool, useful, and certainly unique.
  4. The Top 10 Aether Revolt Cards | by Mike Sigrist Mike Sigrist, former Player of the Year, ranked the 10 most important cards from AER.
  5. Aether Revolt Rules with Judge Rob | by Maria Bartholdi and Meghan Wolff on Need some clarification on new Aether Revolt mechanics in talking form coming out of your phone or computer? Magic the Amateuring has you covered!
  6. Standard Brews with Aether Revolt | by Frank Karsten on With bannings and a new set, Standard is a brewer’s paradise! Frank has a bounty of first drafts ready for your perusal.


  • Melissa De Tora explains the banlist changes


  • PV reacts at the banlist announcement





  • LSV and his card evaluation for Aether Revolt






  • Ben Stark opens a Masterpiece in his Sealed Pre-Release pool



  • Worth Wollpert is no longer working for WOTC





  1. Saheeli Twin CopyCat by MtgBalance
  2. Temur Tower by LucaAshok
  3. Mono-Blue Colossus by Saffron Olive

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