What is a Cube?

A cube is a large collection of (often powerful) cards used for drafting and playing Limited. Drafting a cube is similar to drafting booster packs, but instead of drafting from three fifteen-card Magic booster packs, you draft from fifteen-card “packs” that you create from your cube. Building your first cube can be an overwhelming experience. How many cards should it contain? What cards you want to put in it? How do you balance colors and create synergy? Often the intricate design behind drafting Magic cards could be taken for granted. In a regular Booster Draft, the mechanics, synergies, and worlds are already there for us to immerse ourselves in. In Cube Draft, you can also create this experience, and the best part is that you get to make all the decisions! The themes, power level, strategy, and rules are all up to you. Although the cube is not a competitive  magic format I remain convinced that it is the most skill-intensive, varied, versatile and  most importantly the most fun format!

In this site we are going to share the experience of cubing, from building to playing and tuning, with the magic community with the aim of making peoples cube experiences as good as possible.

Authors will present set reviews focused only on the cube axpect, and also a single card evaluation of all the cube staples.

To mange your cube and keep track of drafts and decks we suggest this awesome tool:


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