There are two MTG formats in general: Limited, which include Sealed and Draft, and Constructed, which include Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper and Commander.

In Limited you play with a minimum of 40 cards deck, in constructed you play with a minimum 60 cards deck plus 15 sideboard cards. (In Commander you have minimum decksize of 100 cards, 99 cards in your deck plus 1 which will be your Commander). In Limited you don’t have any limits to the number of copy of one cards in your deck, in constructed however you can only have 4 copies of each card that is not a basic land. (Comander is an exception because it is a singleton format, you can play maximum 1 copy of each card excluding basic lands).

In the deck section of our site we will present to you a complete analysis of the Standard and the Modern Metagame, along with popular decks from all other formats. We will also define and rank Limited archetypes and we will show you a typical deck that fits in the appropriate archetype’s category.

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