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MtgBalance: Gaming is a neonate branch of the MtgBalance project. It will be the home of contents about Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Eternal. You can click on the images below to go see our latest articles and gameplay videos about these two games.



-“Invented by dwarves and perfected over centuries of tavern table play, Gwent is a game of initial simplicity and ultimate depth, something beloved by both road-weary travellers during long nights around the campfire and elegant nobles looking to liven up dragging dinner parties.“-

Gwent is a turn-based card game between two players. The game is about the clash of two armies locked in mortal struggle on a battlefield where the players are the leaders and the cards their forces. With four different factions offering unique combat styles and endless paths to victory, Gwent is every adventurer’s first choice when it comes to one-on-one card-based dueling.






Six-guns and sorcery collide in Eternal, the new strategy card game of unlimited choices and unbelievable fun. Eternal combines the infinite possibilities of a deep strategy game with the pace and polish of a modern game. Build any deck imaginable by freely mixing cards.