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MtgBalance Wall of Fame Club

What is the MtgBalance Wall of Fame club?  Is a measurable level of success achieved when our subscribers wins or make Top8 of a big event or  RPTQ. Subscribers who achieve this goal can submit their favourite social media and a screen shot of their great performance to be honored on the website. Also Subscribers whose rating on MTGO exceeds 1900 or winners of a big MTGO tournament (MOCS, PTQ, Magic Online Championship) they can enter in this club. Subscribers who achieve the 1900 rating in either limited or constructed and Subscribers who won a big MTGO tournament can submit their favourite social media and their MTGO name, plus a screen shot of their player’s ratings or leaderboard of the tournament to be honored on the website. Subscribers that achieve player status will, once during the 2017 calendar year, receive a custom player’s gift and a signed MtgBalance card.

Whether you are a subscriber or not, in 2017, if you win or make the Top8 of a GP / SCGO / PT / SSS / BOM or any other Big Tournament and you wear MtgBalance apparel during the entire event and you are somehow featured on the event coverage, you will be invited to create your own MtgBalance custom token with yourself immortalized on!

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Want to contribute content to the website? Please contact the staff at MtgBalance and someone will reach out to you to determine how we might be able to work together. Write the word APPLICATION in your message title so we can answer you with all the details.