Budget Magic Deck: Burn

Legacy Burn, like all Burn decks, is pretty much a numbers game. The baseline for our spells is dealing three damage to our opponent's face, which means that we need to resolve about six spells to win the game. As such, probably the best way to look at Legacy Burn is as a combo deck, … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: Burn


Budget Magic Deck: Jeskai Flyers

The idea of Jeskai Flying Men is pretty simple. Most importantly, many of the decks in Modern are fighting exclusively on the ground, so they have a really hard time dealing with a deck that is overloaded with aggressive fliers. Even better, many of our fliers are naturally disruptive, allowing us to counter a spell … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: Jeskai Flyers

Budget Magic Deck: W/B Fabricate

The deck has two plans, both revolving around Servo tokens. In some games, we simply go wide with tokens and win by beating down with creatures, while in other games, we play like a combo deck by flooding the board with Servo and Clue tokens and than sacrificing a bunch of artifacts to drain the opponent's life total away. The cards in … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: W/B Fabricate

Budget Magic Deck: R/B Vampires

For a long time I couldn’t build many aggressive brews unless they were way out of left field, because I couldn’t include Smuggler’s Copter thanks to its hefty price tag. While that’s still true, it has dropped, and I finally feel comfortable playing with it as long as I don’t go overboard with other expensive cards alongside it. … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: R/B Vampires

Budget Magic Deck: U/R Metallurgic Summonings

Modern UR Summonings is actually pretty straightforward. We stay alive during the early game, stick a Metallurgic Summonings, and then win the game in short order, sometimes by going wide with a bunch of small Construct tokens but more often by going tall with one or two huge Constructs.  When it comes right down to … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: U/R Metallurgic Summonings

Budget Magic Deck: G/B Decimator

Attacking for way too much damage way too early is often a sign of broken things. Whether or not it’s consistent enough is a different story. All you need is Decimator of the Provinces. While this card isn’t Craterhoof Behemoth, it does pull off a pretty impressive comparison. The upside of emerge lets you build around Decimator … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: G/B Decimator

Budget Magic Deck: U/W Mill

The card that started it all is Minister of Inquiries. The Minister produces a fast clock especially when played in multiples. It is also relatively easy to keep fueled, and is a cheap way to get your plan started. The combination that really got me excited about this deck was Crush of Tentacles plus mill creatures. Bouncing … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: U/W Mill

Budget Magic Deck: Enchantress

Modern Enchantress plays a lot like Legacy Enchantress, with the main goal of the deck being to make a ton of mana, draw a bunch of cards, and then eventually leverage our mana and card advantage into a win. Just how well our plan works depends a lot on the matchup. Our deck is set up … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: Enchantress

Budget Magic Deck: Aetherflux Reservoir Storm

Kaladesh has brought to us a "build around me" card which will be the centerpiece of our deck. This card is Aetherflux Reservoir and we're going to build a Standard "Storm" deck. The life total progression is as follows: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, etc. Generally, if you start the turn with Aetherflux … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: Aetherflux Reservoir Storm

Budget Magic Deck: Temur Summonings

Temur Summonings is essentially a mix of a controlling ramp and combo deck. Metallurgic Summonings is the card that makes our entire deck work, and many of the other cards in our deck are included to maximize its power. The idea here is that we'll ramp into Summonings on turn 4, and then for the rest of the game, just … Continue reading Budget Magic Deck: Temur Summonings