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A fan of deck brewing Andreas has been playing Magic for over 10 years. While he doesn’t (yet) have any Pro Tour experience to his name, he’s trying to share the joy of playing magic in all of its form. His goals are to make people have fun playing while also addressing Magic in a competitive way and to teach new people how to play this beatiful game. He’s a proud owner of a Cube and once a month he organizes a Cube Draft tournament which qualifies you for the “Cube Grand Finale”, a big invitational tourney that features great cube games, players and prizes. Andreas lives in Milan, Italy, just near the city center. Andreas is graduating from the Milano Bicocca University with a degree in Material Science. Along with managing this site, Andreas regularly attends live events, both GPs and local events in Milan, as a participant or as organizer.

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The MtgBalance Staff run this site in the smoother way possible. Our articles and posts are about site features and news about the Magic world. We manage the subscription program and all the more burocratic stuff. Our office goal is to make your experience with us enjoyable and the very best possible. You can chat live with our support in our opening office hours, and we try to answer all of your question in the more complete and accurate way we can. Starting this month we will also take the lead on organizing casual tournament of all varieties and the prestigious “Cube Grand Finale”.

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